Friday, 16 December 2016

The Biewer Terrier

Herr Werner Biewer and his wife Frau Gertrud Biewer are the originator’s of the breed. The couple bred and showed Yorkshire Terriers in Germany in the late 1970’s – 1980’s.

There have been many assumptions and theories suggested through the past 20+ years, once Herr Biewer first presented his dogs to the world. This is nothing unusual and history and time most often tells the true story of new breeds and their beginnings.

The ACH.e.v (Allgermeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland.e.V ,first began to register the breed Biewer Yorkshire around 1989 and a short standard was drawn up and signed by Herr Biewer.

The name given by the couple was originally German Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, and sometime later an addition of “a la Pom Pon” affixed. Herr Biewer passed away in 1997 after an extended illness, and his wife Frau Biewer discontinued their breeding program.

Their dogs were most sought after and other German breeders were quick to take up the breed. If we are to believe that which is written on today’s modern internet sites, without credible research, we would not be wrong in quickly concluding that these breeders bred the Biewer’s dogs back to their own Yorkshire Terrier’s.

And it is at this point there should be a clear understanding of, how new breeds are identified:

A new breed is defined as "A creation of a new breed of dog, usually by the life time work of a single breeder or a group of dedicated breeders". New breeds are created normally for four reasons: Miniaturization, breed enhancement, genetic mutation, or to adapt to the local geographical living conditions. 

The Biewers’ dogs are perceived as a Yorkshire Terrier of a Tri colour, namely a “White/Blue/Gold” dog. Over the years other Breed Registration Clubs in Germany, although non to date affiliated with the FCI, began to register the dog a “Biewer Yorkshire” however, a breed standard was not consistant, colours and standards differed greatly, from registry to registry.

The Biewer breeder Clubs and members are increasing daily around the world, breeders are working side by side to take the breed forward, the health and welfare of their dogs always paramount. They are neither complaicent nor naive and fully understand that breed development is a continuance and it is only persistence and diligence that take a breed to full maturity, dogs are living, evolving creatures, that is the wonder and beauty of mother nature.

The name for the breed is Biewer terrier, but other clubs call them Biewer, Biewer a la Pom Pon, Biewer terrier a la Pom Pon, and in some countries they are known by: Biewer Yorkshire terrier and registered as such. It is NOT a Yorkshire terrier of a Tri colour, and should not be bred to a Yorkshire terrier, as this will create a hybrid color, sometimes known as a "Splitter". ALL genuine Biewer terrier's can be DNA Mars tested here in the UK, and Mars will detect the exact percentage of breed, as per their profile. Do not be fooled by UK look a like dogs, sold as Tri Yorkshire Terrier, as these are potentially as cross bred 21st Century Designer dog, and NOT a true Biewer Terrier. ALL parents should be Mars DNA tested as Biewer Terrier x Biewer Terrier in their pedigree for at least 3 or 4 generations to ensure YOU are buying the real deal. Mars can detect other breeds, also they can give percentage of Yorkishire terrier x Biewer terrier in the mix. If you are unsure what your dog is, have a Mars DNA test carried out against the Biewer Terrier marker, Mars in the UK will do this for your piece of mind. You MUST state clearly on test kit paperwork that you wish the test run against the Biewer terrier marker and NOT the Yorkshire terrier marker. GOOD LUCK!

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